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Ioanni Poimenidis

TSD Electric was founded by Master Electrician Ioanni (pronounced Yanni) Poimenidis. Ioanni has been an electrician for 24 years, beginning in his native country Greece.  In 2000, he began his US apprenticeship, and obtained his Journeyman's license in 2004.


Before starting his own business, Ioanni worked for some of the most reputable electrical contractors in Boston.  The phrase "call in the Greek" was coined by many of his coworkers. He quickly gained a reputation for solving complex electrical challenges in large scale commercial environments. 


TSD was formed shortly after Ioanni obtained his Master's license.  The company is located in Westwood, Ma, close to West Roxbury where Ioanni,  his wife Demi, and their three sons, Thomas, Stelio, and Demetri (T, S, and D) live.  


Ioanni instills a high standard of service in the company by combining knowledge and skill with a dedication to customer service and professionalism - be courteous, be on time, communicate, and always focus on the job at hand.  



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